The Prestigious Award for Distinguished Iranian Young Economist

February 2018

1st Year

The Prestigious Award for Distinguished Iranian Young Economist

1st Year (February 2018)

Due to the importance of applied economic research and the mission of the research and educational institutions active in the field of economics, the Institute for Management and Planning Studies (affiliated to the Presidency of the Islamic Republic of Iran) in cooperation with ten other economic departments and research institutes located in Tehran came into agreement on holding an event; naming " The Prestigious Award for Distinguished Iranian Young Economist" in the winter of 2018 with the aim of encouraging specialization and motivation in doing high-quality applied research in economics. The goal of the event is to admire the scientific efforts of those young economists who have had outstanding achievements in applied research on Iran's economy and have made significant contribution in deepening our understanding of the country's economic issues and providing relevant fruitful solutions. Hopefully, these findings will become useful in economic policy-makings. The event will also provide an opportunity for economic scholars, researchers and students to get together and exchange knowledge and experiences.

For the first year, there will be only one young economist candidate who will be chosen based on his/her work on an issue in Iran's economy and the scientific-practical solution he/she has provided for the issue in hand. The selected individual is an economic researcher under the age of forty who has worked in a specific field of economics and has achieved practical, analytical and valuable findings in the relevant field. The candidate will be selected based on his/her works including papers, books, research projects and presentations at international academic forums.

We hope that in the upcoming years, the event can cover and assign prizes to other categories like MA and PhD dissertations, authoring and translation of books, articles/reports and etc. so that the event turns into an important research event among the economists of the country.

The secretariat will be located at the Institute for Management and Planning Studies. In case the Institute will not be able to fulfill its duty, the steering committee will hand over the duty to the other members. The annual detail of the event will be proposed by the chair of the executive committee and approved by the steering committee. The event's venue will be located in Tehran. If the steering committee decides to change the venue, an announcement will be made 3 months prior to the event.

The participation call will be public and the posters shall be placed on all the economic departments and research institutes' boards and relevant announcements will be made through social media and networks active in the field of economics. The interested individuals can fill the electronic application form and upload the required documents on the website ( The first round of evaluations will be conducted by the secretariat based on the evaluation criteria of researchers set by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. Then the scores of each individual will be given to the scientific committee including the representatives of the economic departments and research institutes for final assessment and selection.

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